Son goku vs naruto

son goku vs naruto

Comienza la batalla entre Goku y Naruto, ¿quién vencerá?. Goku vs. Naruto - Artikelserie Einleitung >>erster Artikel Son Goku ist ein außerirdischer Krieger, ein Saiyajin, der als Kind zur. Nach dem Niveau ist Son Goku am besten, da er die Stärke hätte die Galaxie zu zerstören. Ruffy und Naruto nicht. Als zweites wähle ich Ruffy. Or 20 million, thousand, tons. Comic Vine Forums Gen. Not even remotely similar. So Naruto crossed 12, mi in two seconds. And yes master roshi would solo the entire naruto universe Please Log In to post. I'm the Saiyan who came all the way from Earth for the nani sporting purpose of beating you I am the warrior you've heard in the legends pure of heart and awakened that's what I am I AM THE SUPER SAIYAN SON GOKU. Again assuming the info they gave me was right. I think most DB characters would do pretty well against the kage. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Facebook-Konto. And the difference between the two completely outclasses similarities.. I don't see why it's frowned upon. Farron-Croft Follow Forum Posts: Goku can lift cars, take bazookas shots, and tank bullets to the face without harm. Antwort von ReverserK Naruto doesn't 'transform' into a beast, kyubi is an entirely different being. Es ist egal ob das eine Realer erscheint oder nichtd das sind Mangas und halt gezeichnet. son goku vs naruto Kommentar von baris Yamcha may have beat Recoome during the filler episode but by the end of DBZ he was shown to have completely given up fighting because he always was one of the first people that got killed and that the Saiyans were just to hard to keep up with. Kid Goku after initial Master Roshi training would be beyond Naruto. I only turn 33 years old in 4 months, and I know this is going to make me seem like an old ass man talking like this, but I am usually embarrassed when I see how a lot of these younger anime fans for some reason, especially Dragon ball fans behave on the internet with their stupidity and trolling and spamming. Super Death Battle Fanon Wikia. Naruto macht ne Bijuu-Bombe 2. Oder ist das alles purer Zufall

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